Saturday, September 25, 2010

Still Crushing

At some point we both were into each other.Within the same breath, you loved someone else while I looked on. Years later things because serious. After many visits a quarrels, we discuss the future. Then I find out the truth, she was still in the back ground and has always been. Funny to know for her, you the background person. So I ask you how does it feel? You just shrug and say life goes on. We decide to be best of friends, it hurts but I am now an adult so the junior high drama, I could very well do with out.
Meeting your best friend was cool. Would have been nice for you to have given me the 411 about him and his status. "Porking" him wasn't the greatest idea however, I was at my lowest point then. I still don't know why you became angry at me? and not talk to me for almost a year. Boy am I glad we are past that. Can you believe we actually tell each other secrets now about anything and everything? Finding out you are set on marrying someone else you have known now for barely a year makes me sad. I am loosing you again but I am very happy for you and still love you. I always will.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

1st time

I have always thought about having a blogg to publish my inner most thoughts, feelings and frustrations.  Took up journaling but that didnt pan out too well. Need less to say, I have now turned to blogging  that is if i am qaulified there is a lot going through my mind now and who know my secrets and fantasies will soon be unleashed and maybe someone reading will come to my rescue